Customer Reviews

October 30, 2023

Atmosphere looked fancy (weird table though). The Ice cream was great. Thought the ice cream was a bit expensive. Definitely coming again though.

Jessica Aiello
September 23, 2023

My son and I went in tonight not realizing they were closed (made the mistake of asking my son to look online for the hours lol). We went in and the place was very clean and the ladies that were working were so friendly, welcoming and apologetic that they were closed. I was totally embarrassed we walked in after-hours not even realizing but they were kind enough to offer us the option to purchase pre-packed ice cream. We were grateful, and the ice cream was rich and delicious!! We will definitely be back.

Sara Fahey
September 19, 2023

Absolutely delicious ice-cream. The cow-tracks so far has been my favorite. The mint chip is also very tasty. We also appreciate all of the delicious vegan flavors as my husband has an allergy and he’s so pleased to get a vegan ice-cream beyond simple vanilla and chocolate or sorbets, which is usually all that other stores offer. I tried the vegan purple sable and it’s also delicious! It may be slightly more expensive than other ice-cream shops nearby, but this is homemade ice-cream! I’d rather pay a little bit more for homemade any day. Very happy that they have opened the Rocky Hill location.

Britt Miglietta
September 13, 2023

Amazing ice cream and top notch customer service! Excited to have them in the area now!!

Melissa Watts
September 10, 2023

All time favorite ice cream!! Was so happy to hear they were going to be closer than Salem. Yes the ice cream is not the cheapest, but they are a small business actually making their own ice cream, not just buying it from some mass producer. You can absolutely taste the quality and creamy difference and I’ll gladly pay to support small. Great atmosphere in the new shop and sweet staff!! Glad to have you in the area!!

Rachel B
September 4, 2023

Really yummy! Ice cream is thick, creamy, and full of flavor. Happy to have another location open that’s a bit closer to home for me. The outside has a cute spot to sit and enjoy. Excited to try new flavors too!

Stephanie Hawks
September 3, 2023

The most amazing ice cream I’ve ever eaten! The creamiest ever and I had told everyone I know that you have to try it! Such a unique cute ice cream shop……and to top it off the owners and the staff are wonderful! Give them a try. It won’t disappoint you.!

September 3, 2023

Great ice cream! Friendly staff and love the renovations. Can’t wait to go back.

Mike P
September 2, 2023

So excited to have this in Rocky Hill! Amazing selection of really tasty ice cream. Very helpful staff. Looking forward to my next visit!

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